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I am here because I wanted to keep my dreams alive. Ever since I was a kid, I have admired the moon. Whenever I felt stressed, I went out and gazed at the moon and i would instantly start feeling calm. It was a really special feeling and wearing moonstone made me feel the same way.

I was going through a tough phase in life and i kept moonstone with me all the time to give me energy and keep me composed to face tough situations. But, soon I found myself in the hustle and bustle of the corporate life where I didn’t even have a minute free to go out in the open and gaze at the skies with all the stars and the moon.

One day I decided that I would take some time out of my day to do something with moonstone as it has brought big changes in my life. I wanted to keep the little stubborn moon admirer in myself alive didn’t want it to die with the societal pressures.

Since then, I promised myself that I will always have a moonstone with myself and will make people aware of its divine energies that can keep one sane in the ugliest of times. I don’t know how it does all this, but i can be sure that it helps.

That’s when I started Moonstone Carisma, my very own instagram shop where I have been selling moonstone and telling people of it’s advantages. I have received a really good response in a very short time, which pushed me to take the next step and build this website.

Here I have removed all the disadvantages that were limiting the scope of doing business on Instagram. I have been able to provide a lot of information about the stone, the cuts, shapes, sizes, etc in a better way.

I hope I will receive the same kind of support I have been receiving on the instagram page and I will keep doing what I love.